An introduction to Rules

What are Rules?

Rules are automations that you can put in place to help streamline your team's workflows so that you can spend more time on your customers and less on managing an inbox.

For each shared inbox, you can have a different set of rules set up. The rules work using an 'IF-THEN' logic. There are a number of criteria for you to choose from to ensure that each rule performs exactly as you need.

NOTE: Rules are only available on our Pro Plan upwards. If you'd like to talk to us about upgrading your plan please get in touch at

Where can I find Rules?

Only an admin can access, create or edit rules. They can be found in the shared inbox settings. (Settings > Shared Inbox & Team Settings)

Example Rules

In Loop, we have set up three example rules for you. Feel free to use these as they are, edit them or remove them completely.

The three rules are:

  • Remove unwanted email: For inbound emails, if the sender's email starts with 'noreply', 'no_reply' or 'no-reply' then the email is deleted.

  • Assign new emails to team lead: For inbound emails which are part of a new email thread, assign them to a particular person. (You would need to choose the person)

  • Archive email after sending new email or replying: For outbound emails, send them to the archive folder.

Take a look at some other examples of rules that you could set up.

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