Do you have a Distribution List or a Google Group?

What if I have Distribution List or Google Groups associated with my account?

As Distribution Lists and Google Groups don't have an actual email account, you will need to do the following to use Shared Inbox:

  • Create a new email account

    • This can be created using your current email package or if you would rather use a free account you can create one through Gmail

  • After creating a new account you will need to add it your distribution list

  • Once you have added the account to our distribution list, you can connect the account to Loop Email for Shared Inbox

  • From here the Set Up Process is the same for all accounts

  • Please note: You will need to use your new address as opposed to your info@, support@ account

We also recommend speaking to your IT admin team or the whoever may be the creator of your Distribution List or a Google Group.

If you're still unsure and are not sure if you have a Distribution List or a Google Group, then please contact support on

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