Using two-factor authentication for Admin Portal

We've recently implemented Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for workspace settings. This adds an extra layer of security to your account, making it even harder for unauthorized access. We are using time-based one-time password (TOTP) which automatically generates an authentication code that changes after a certain period of time. This is only implemented for workspace administrators.

If you have any issues setting up MFA for workspace settings, you can contact us at or write to your favourite bot. Loopbot.

Choosing your TOTP app

Loop Email is app-anostic when it comes to TOTP apps. Just search for "TOTP app" in your browser and install app at your choosing.

Popular TOTP Apps:

  1. Google Authenticator (Android|iOS)

  2. Microsoft Authenticator (Android|iOS)

  3. Twilio Authy (Android|iOS)

  4. FreeOTP (Android|iOS)

Install app of your choosing on your smart device and continue to next step.

Configuring two-factor authentication using a TOTP app

When you access your workspace settings, this is the first screen you will see:

Choosing "Next" you will be asked to sign in with your primary account.

Sign in is needed only when registering TOTP device which is the first time you open workspace settings. We have to check if it's you, who wants to register TOTP device :) Next time you open workspace settings only TOTP authorization is required.

When you get through sign in, a QR code will be generated for you TOTP authenticator.

Warning: This is the only time the secret code will be displayed. Keep it confidential. It is recommended to backup your secret to a safe place in case you lose your phone.

Open your TOTP app and scan QR code. After scanning, the app displays a six-digit code that you can enter on your next screen after clicking "Done".

To configure authentication via TOTP on multiple devices, during setup, scan the QR code using each device at the same time or save the "setup key", which is the TOTP secret.

If you can't scan the QR code, click "Show secret" to see a code, the TOTP secret, that you can manually enter in your TOTP app instead

Enter 6-digit code generated by your TOTP app and after clicking "Verify code", you will be redirected to workspace settings.

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