Loop on Android (Beta)

The Loop Android App is currently only available in beta.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store.

We're working every day to add features into this app - Your feedback and support will help us along the way.

Features currently available in the app


  • View all messages (Email, Chats, Loops)

  • Switch between Emails, Chats and Loops in the side menu

  • View messages and emails in channel view

  • View the number of unread messages in each inbox in the side menu

  • View the muted section


  • You will be able to reply to an Email, Chat or Loop

  • You will be able to reply to emails within Loops

  • Add attachments Email, Chat or Loops


  • Mark an email as read or unread

  • Filter unread emails

  • Delete, Archive and Star items

  • View system folder i.e. trash, archive, sent and starred (Gmail users will not see archived as this does not exist on Gmail)

  • Favourite or Mute, and access from the menu to channels (people, teams, shared inboxes)

Creating New

  • You will be able to create new Chats

  • You will be able to create new Emails

  • You will be able to create new Loops


  • View an attachment in an email (icon and thumbnail)

  • View inline images (images within an email)

  • View GIFs

  • Preview the attachments

  • Option to download attachment

  • View files in the Files Channel

As this is an early beta there are some features which are currently not available

  • Offline support

  • Use of multiple accounts

  • Use of a signature

  • Email forwarding

  • Search

  • Load more view - This is not applied throughout the app. Certain views, for example in folders, you won't be able to view all extra content

  • Limited setting options

  • Create or use Drafts

If you have any questions or requests for our Android team, then please contact support on support@intheloop.io.

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