Deploy Loop Email via Microsoft Installer (MSI)

Loop emails provides Microsoft Installer (MSI) package for IT Administrators who want to install Loop Email for Windows for multiple users or machines at the same time. The package natively supports all msiexec commands and is recommended for customers who need to deploy Loop to hundreds or thousands of machines at the same time.

If you're installing Loop Email on your own machine and not for your entire company, download the desktop app here.

MSI for per-user deployment

The MSI for per-user deployment adds Loop Email installer machine-wide and will add Loop only if it was never installed for the user currently logged into the machine.

Who it's for:

This method is best for companies where employees work from their own machine or device and update Loop Email automatically

What to consider:

  • Loop Email will be installed to %LOCALAPPDATA%. While the Loop Installer is installed machine-wide, Loop Email is not.

  • Every member maintains their own version of Loop Email.

  • Automatic updates are downloaded and installed for each member.

  • No need for maintenance — Loop Email will keep itself up-to-date and secure.

  • Loop Email won't open on startup unless you configure it to do so.

  • Uninstalling the MSI installer won't remove the Loop Email app from user accounts.

  • Loop Email will be installed upon user login.

Use the installer:

  1. Install the Microsoft Installer package: Download Loop Email MSI installer for per-user deployment

  2. Sign out of your Windows user account

  3. Sign back into your Windows user account

  4. The Loop Email app icon will appear on the Desktop and Start Menu.

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