Managing your sales cycles in Loop

Here we will cover:

Auto responding to customers

With any customer email, it is always good practice to let your customer know that you have received their email and give them an idea of when they are likely to hear back from you. With Loop, we can create an auto response to send back to customers as soon as they send in a new query to our inbox.

An auto response in Loop works off 2 features - canned responses and rules. First we set up a canned response of what we would like our auto response to say and secondly, we set up a rule which stipulates when the response goes out.

Using tags as sales stage gates

Where you have different stages of your sales cycle, you might want to label your emails to better understand where they sit. For example, you may have a email that is in early stage discussions about product suitability. You may want to apply a stage gate of #Qualification. Level up by making these emails be assigned to a pre-sales team using round robin.

Once qualified, the customers emails can be labelled as #Testing. Depending on your sales processes, you may have a label #Contract. Level up by automatically tagging a manager into the email thread when you get to this stage. Finally applying the #ClosedWon.

This allows you and any member of the team to truly appreciate what stage these emails are discussing. Add our reporting into it and you'll be off to a flying start.

Handing emails over to Success/Support

Once a customer has been closed - you may want to hand the customer over onto the next team. Using Loop-In, you can share your email conversations with the right team with the added benefit of adding your own commentary. You can also move the email from your shared inbox directly into another teams inbox.

Keeping your team updated about customer emails automatically

Every time you create a new Loop, the people or teams you have Looped-In automatically get updated when there is a new reply in the original thread.

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