Personal Assistants using Loop

Personal assistants play a vital role in helping executives manage their inboxes however, most email agents are not designed to be used by multiple people which can cause chaos and confusion. Using a tool like Loop can help introduce email sharing without the need of creating a separate shared inbox.

Adding your email to be shared

The biggest difference in getting set up successfully, is the fact that the executive email address is set up as a shared inbox and not as a primary email address. If you have already set it up as a primary account - see how to change it here.

Once you have added your executive email address as a shared inbox, you can invite the personal assistant into the inbox.

Using Tags to help your Executive

Loop's Tag function will benefit any personal assistant in getting their Executives priorities right. You can create tags such as "To be actioned", "For Info", "Urgent" etc. You can have multiple tags on the emails as well as changing tags as needed. See more about managing Tags in Loop here.

Once you have tags, you can then get really clever by creating automated workflows when tags have been applied. Check out the video below.

If you would like any support on how a personal assistant can use Loop successfully, please do get in touch with our team on

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